Monday, October 03, 2005

T, III (MN: 32)

Trotsky Icepick- Carpetbomb The Riff

I bought this one at a dollar store in Concord, New Hampshire- anything on SST is probably worth a buck, if only for the curiosity value.

Sometimes I even surprise myself with new levels of obscurity.

You’ve thought of me as a know-it-all asshole enough times so I can drop this Fagan with impunity (even though the truth of the matter is that I’m excited to have a chance to talk about whatever it is- if you think I’m trying to one-up you, check yr. head):

Everything Arcwelder knows was stolen from Trotsky Icepick.

Even the Buzzcocks bass.

C’mon, guys.

Admit it!



T. Rex- Electric Warrior

What gets lost in the shuffle to non-initiates like me is that ‘Electric Warrior’ was widely heralded as groundbreaking because of Marc Bolan’s shift from twee acoustic to pluggin’ in and turnin’ up (hence the name of the album). For all of the talk of the paradigm shift, some of the quieter numbers wind up being the best- “Planet Queen” is tripped out astral bliss, “Cosmic Dancer” rubs elbows with Bowie, etc. Course, “Bang A Gong” still shreds (and the Power Station cover doesn’t hurt re: exposure to post-glam kids like me). Hardly a misstep to be found.

True North- Somewhat Similar

This isn’t half bad. True North play some offkilter punk-influenced rock, but throw some hitches in. For one, this is the rawest, most primitive interpretation of the trad/non/trad Rock Song that I have in my collection. For two, it’s not terribly poppy, which is something of a surprise considering the pedigree of the No Idea roster- the bands from Gainseville sound a lot alike (which isn’t a bad thing as much as a thing). This is an act that could be considered poppy (when held up to like some crazy crusty punk shit) throwing monkeywrenches into the non-specific but-still-retro notion of forging ahead. Works, for the most part, but there’s a good third of these songs that can’t hold the weight of the new part and collapse. Still, two out of three…..


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