Thursday, September 29, 2005

T, II (MN: 37)

Thumbnail- Red! Dead!

There comes a point when enough bands play the same kind of music so that wannabes spring up. Thumbnail marks the point in time when there were enough heavy, off-kilter math rock bands touring around to spawn imitators, with predictable results. Think of it as a signpost for the genre, if that eases the pain (and if you wanna call it a genre).

Tiger Trap- s/t


So: a bunch of ladies who probably live in a group house and ovulate at the same time every month playing this speedy, largely undistorted straight ahead punk music that never rests, not for a second. They get in, rock politely the fuck out, then move onto the next soaring, hopped-up melodic blip about love, etc. Two minute ditties that are just PERFECT for mix tapes/college radio- there was never a lot of stylistic deviation in the genre, don’t get me wrong, but one song every hour and a half (or one complete spin every three or four months) is pretty infectious.


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