Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New stuff, I

A Frames- Black Forest

Caught these guys at Fallout Records in Seattle years back on one of my trips to visit Shelly. I remember their hazmat suits matching the herky-jerk of Devo. What I don’t remember from the live show is the sense of looming veil that hangs over the entire affair, this hysteria that ebbs from resignation to full-on lash-out furor as gritty technology usurps the human race and forces us all to work in the silicon mines, slaves to the machines and their need to reproduce, all as a steady beat dictates the pace of our mindless labor in the background.

Cave In- Perfect Pitch Black

Here’s how the city of Boston tends to work: Some band usually climbs the giant pile of trash/hype, sits on the throne for a little while, then falls into the slightly smaller pile right next to the original one- the second pile being heaps and heaps of bands who believed they were going to be the next big thing before first being underpromoted/poorly produced/whatever and then summarily and unceremoniously left for dead.

Cave In put out a bunch of records (including ‘Until Your Heart Stops’, which is one of the craziest albums this city has ever produced), each straying further from the act’s metalcore roots. They signed to a major label, put out an album that I thought was kinda okay (but never really listened to that much) and got dropped.

Well, they’re back.

Rich cobbled together a disc of new demos, rarities, etc. from the internet. If the songs that are on my disc serve as any indication, the new release (which came out yesterday) should be a hell of a treat- the band plays songs that are technically complex like some of the older stuff, with new sounds and less swipes at Big Rock (plus there’s a bunch of songs which feature good ol’ fashioned screaming, like they used to do back in the day. Right on!). Not to say that the new material doesn’t sound like Rock- the new stuff sounds a lot more smart, more honest and less pandering than the major label debut. They picked themselves up off of the scrap heap of broken aspirations and walked back to where they were before.


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