Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Magic Number

I find myself doing and thinking silly things regarding sports and clothing. You know the drill, I'm sure: wear the wrong hat and your team loses; sit in the wrong place and the quarterback fumbles.

For the past few weeks, friends of mine and I have been trying to figure out the Red Sox magic number- the combined number of Sox wins and Yankee losses that would ensure a playoff spot. Got it pretty well susses out, then the Sox fell out of first the other day.

This web page now has a magic number, as well: the number of reviews I have to write before its completion. Hopefully me listing off something I have control of will help to change something that I don't, dig? Sitting in the right chair with the right hat.

So, in the early hours of September 25th, the magic number for this page is 45.


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