Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Rex- C

Doug Scharin, the drummer of June of 44, playing this music that went in one ear and out the other when I listened to it. I’m tempted to play the album again, but the cursory listen made no impression on me- absolutely zero- so I think we’ll take that as a sign.

Rjd2- Deadringer

For a little while, the hip genre was ‘intelligent dance music’, kids with laptops constructing willfully difficult electronica for other kids with laptops. I’m not sure if IDM (or was it hiply lowercase, idm? Seems like the kind of genre that might not capitalize as a further badge of intelligence) is still around or not- the climate has changed in the past two years as computers have gotten better and podcasting has become a verb.

I thought Rjd2 was going to be IDM/idm when I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who was into that stuff. Here in 2005, it sounds like instrumental hip hop, good for mix tapes. Some songs offer vocals, thick, stylized rhymes that don’t sound like anything else in my collection.

Roches- s/t

Almost but not quite an a capella album. Sisters Maggie, Terry and Suzzie Roche sing along with Robert Fripp’s acoustic guitar, weaving unorthodox three-part harmonies about going to Ireland, desk jobs, dudes on trains, getting yr. old waitressing job back and letting the other forty million people get famous. This is some of the most original and entertaining stuff in my entire record collection- no one else sounds or thinks like the Roches. Lyrics take these quirky, funny turns right when you’re settling into the notion that this is a normal folk group, turning the notion of genre and tradition sideways. So playful and vibrant, yet utterly straight-ahead and in most every way unironic. A lot of the innocence of the Shaggs, of all people, except that the Roches have heard music before and can sing (I know, too fucking easy to compare the two acts by dint of both of them being comprised of three sisters, but it goes beyond that, really- there’s a childlike playfulness in the Roches’ songs that made me do the ‘of COURSE!’ forehead slap when I found out they did kids’ records).

I’m surprised the act hasn’t been embraced by the mesh hat sect yet. Best thing is that since they haven’t, a quick scour of the local used/cheap bin should yield some Roches stuff pretty quickly. I don’t care what your thing is, the Roches will be your thing (unless, of course, you’re Damian).

MIX TAPE: Mr. Sellack


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