Wednesday, July 20, 2005

R, I

Real Heroes- s/t

On my second cross-country trip, I hung out in lovely Austin, Texas for a few days. Man, what a fucking blast I had- I went to Emo’s to watch a bunch of bands play a Hallowe’en show as other bands (so I saw the Go Go’s, Nirvana, Jawbreaker, Green Day and the Misfits- fucking awesome), got a tattoo, drank a lot of beer and coffee.

Our hostess for the stay was this woman (awesomely) named Kathy Panak. She promised to send me CD’s by her favorite local bands. Lo and behold, like a month later, a package arrived in the mail containing discs by a bunch of bands that I hadn’t heard of before (or since).

The Real Heroes are pretty good. There’s an obvious sense of humor at work- hell, there has to be if you’re going to rip off ‘My Sharona’ almost note for note. That’s about it for the new wave, though- this stuff is all firmly entrenched in the seventies, alternately sounding like T. Rex, Big Star, Queen, Grand Funk and, when the vocals are concerned, Sparks. The lyrics, with tongue firmly in cheek, occasionally veer into the nonsensical Pavement territory that I’m so fond of.

Red Eyed Legends- Mutual Insignificance

Chris Thompson is a (brand) name I know I’m supposed to know, the type of guy who has a strong, credible resume that a tiny legion of diehards champion and salivate about. The key words in that last sentence, of course, being ‘supposed to.’ I can rattle off the man’s fine pedigree, sure- I’m a record critic, for crissakes- but, up until I bought this record, couldn’t hum a whole song. I knew the guy as like a stylistic imprint, was able to recognize when bands were veering into Circus Lupus territory or whatever (see: Eulcid).

Cursory listens of the album, just purchased today, reveal that the band kinda sounds like a cross between the Fall (a band who I have been meaning to get into but haven’t yet, despite BQ’s best efforts) and the Mummies (it’s the farsifa!), two fine fuckin’ influences. The back catalogue bears investigating, methinks, especially now that I’m getting close to the end of the marathon and have left Krautrock for dead in the used bins. My next project.


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