Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pretty Girls Make Graves

Pretty Girls Make Graves- Good Health

A hell of a mix: all of the urgency and energy that made Avail so much fun to shout along with, complemented nicely by both well-placed cheap-sounding keyboards and hammer-on guitar leads, fronted by strong, singular female vocals that cut through the maelstrom without ever detracting from it. Enough production nicks in their razor-sharp delivery to make things sound immediate and forceful without coming across as either slick or dumbed down.

Pretty Girls Make Graves- The New Romance

Bigger label, bigger production. I was charmed by, uh, the, um….let’s say grittiness of ‘Good Health’- made it sound all punk and shit. Initially, I was inclined to say that on ‘New Romance’, Matador was trying to fix something that wasn’t broken by infusing the band with a stream of Benjamins. Upon further review, though, repeated listens and all, I was forced to re-think my evaluation (as I often am- man, I still get my ass kicked like once a week, notice that?).

The production adds a little veneer to the proceedings, shifting priorities more than adding or detracting from the band’s sound. A little bit slick at the beginning, maybe, frontloaded, but things roll along nicely. Same tricks, different mic placement.


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