Monday, June 27, 2005


Pedro The Lion- Winners Never Quit

An eight song concept album, all linear and narrative, telling the story of this politician and his drunk brother. This record’s a hell of an accomplishment- David Bazan plays everything, sings. The slower moments totally test my patience, engaging and well thought out storyline regardless, as do the dirgy, relatively monochromatic vocals on such occasions.

Pell Mell- Interstate

Whenever I’ve gone on a lengthy car trip, I’ve packed a wallet full of like thirty CD’s. Half of ‘em never get listened to (I always bring too many books and CD’s when I’m traveling now because when I went to France for a month in 1990 I only brought one book [what was I thinking?] and wound up reading this biography of Malcolm McLaren like five times). No matter how many dozens of CD’s I pack, Pell Mell always gets listened to. They play this occasionally surf-y, desert-tinged instrumental rock that always makes perfect sense when driving. Hell, they know it-they named the record ‘Interstate.’ Not obtrusive enough to preclude conversation, but engaging enough so you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

I think they continue to languish in obscurity, although the past few years have probably given them a boost- the first song on this record is the music played in the background before each episode of ‘Six Feet Under’, when you see recaps of the stuff that happened in previous episodes. I hope Pell Mell is seeing some money because of it.


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