Friday, June 24, 2005

P, I

Pavement- Terror Twilight

Twilight as in ‘the end of the band’s career’, and terror as in ‘scared stiff of entering the workforce after our once mighty band breaks the fuck up following the release of this goose egg.’

Pearl Jam- Vitology

I’ll totally give it up for Pearl Jam- they’re a band that has grown up, and admirably, in the spotlight. It’s just that I can’t listen to the band ever again without thinking of Feast Whisperpants and Penis Tea Flush’s cover of “Alive.” Sorry, dudes.

Pedro The Lion- It’s Hard To Find A Friend

I never thought that I’d compare Biggie Smalls to David Bazan, the songwriter behind Pedro the Lion, but hey, here I am doing it. Like I mentioned in the Biggie review (before I was dangled out the window), Mr. Smalls was a hell of a narrative artist, a fine storyteller. David Bazan fits the same mold. The songs on ‘It’s Hard To Find A Friend’ where he tells a linear story are all amazing- deception and machismo sung as object lessons over his charming, fragile poppy folk. Unfortunately, the good stuff gets bogged down under morose, meandering ditties that detract from both the strength and focus of the record. I was sufficiently impressed with the good stuff on ‘Friend’, though, to pick up another Pedro The Lion album later on.


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