Thursday, June 16, 2005


New Year- Newness Ends

A record that I thought I had listened to only a couple of times, this well-constructed, mellowish indie pop album featuring the guys from Bedhead (a band I never listened to- total gratuitous namedrop) and the ubiquitous Chris Brokaw (a guy whose output and touring schedule makes Jandek look downright lazy. Maybe we can get the two of ‘em in a steel cage match for charity).

So I sat there playing Snood, listening to ‘Newness Ends’. Every song, I shit you not, every song registered faintly enough so that I could at least hum along a little. Again, this is not a record that I had in heavy rotation at any point, so I am left to conclude that either a) these songs are crafted well enough so that they do stick in your head for like three years after you spin ‘em, and/or b) this record has been playing in restaurants, bookstores and record shops for years, quietly leeching into my mind. Either choice is a testament.

New Order- Get Ready

As of this writing, I still haven’t purchased ‘Waiting For The Sirens Call’, the recently released New Order CD. I plan to, though. I clued in to New Order in like 1990 or so, and quickly acquired/devoured everything they put out- “Technique” is still one of my favorite CD’s (and one of the first ones that I bought, back in the days when CD’s were still considered to be new technology. There was this particular urban myth regarding the fidelity of compact discs improving if you put a green border around the outside rim with a magic marker. “Technique” was the subject of such a test- border’s still on there, and no, it didn’t).

I was so unimpressed by ‘Republic’ that I sold it back, and bought ‘Get Ready’ without expecting too much. It’s totally okay- there are a couple of clunkers- Billy Corgan’s saccharine guest vocals make me fucking cringe- but, as with pretty much every New Order album, there are a couple of transcendent songs that totally make me bob my head and nod and forget about everything that’s going on, which is what good pop is supposed to make you do. New Order pop, in all of its bass-heavy, electronic bliss, also has the ability to make the listener wistfully think back to foregone days. Evoking thoughts of instant nostalgia.


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