Monday, May 30, 2005

Lungfish, II

Lungfish- The Unanimous Hour

The least grabbing of all the Lungfish records in my collection- not a whole lot of distinction to be found on this one. They play the same riffs over and again, Higgs says some crazy shit, etc. Strangely enough, though, this is the first of the band’s CD’s that I bought.

Lungfish- Necrophones

I’m realizing that ‘subdued’ isn’t a word that applies to the Lungfish catalogue, as even the quiet stuff bubbles with intensity. ‘Necrophones’ is a slab that’s packed with songs that are every bit as killer as on ‘Stow,’ even though the medium changes slightly once again. More of the Higgs vocals contained herein are effects-laden, either echoey or further back in the mix than ususal. Riffs aren’t as chunky as on past efforts, focusing more on strings of picked notes rather than big rock chords (‘Hanging Bird’ lifts riffage from Peral Jam before scrambling it by adding some math at the end of the phrase). A few instances of two-part songs, some breathtaking stops, and even a song that doesn’t have any drums.

Lungfish- Love Is Love

For years I’d quietly pick up Lungfish albums here or there, mostly at used record places (ever notice that there’s usually at least a couple Lungfish records in every used bin?) I’d listen to ‘em a few times and then file ‘em away like I sometimes do. Kept buyin’, though, because I knew that there was something going on and that it’d eventually click in a big way.

‘Love Is Love’ is when it happened. Made me be able to go back and re-evaluate the back catalogue.

Saying that this is Lungfish’s pop album is a feeble gesture at best, though it’s got abnormally large hooks and choruses that you can sing along to. Julie says that it sounds like the Velvet Underground. She’s right- it’s got dirty fuzz production, drums that sound like they’re being played standing up. Higgs sounds more thoughtful than on the last few, pensive, careful with his words. Another re-invention, one that shows the band’s evolving depth and width. I’ve seen ‘em play twice since this one came out, and each time found me in a trance at some point in the show. I’ve been converted

MIX TAPE: Unfold The Leg


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