Monday, May 23, 2005


King Crimson- Discipline

A prog epic of finely tuned, intricate blah blah blah. Honestly, I have never heard a single ill word spoken about King Crimson because they’re sick musicians and every pot-smokin’ high school teen got stoned and tried to keep up with their sick fretwork and time changes. That’s fine- I don’t begrudge anyone any sort of sentimentality (lord knows I mine it/rake it over the coals often enough) and we all agree that, to a certain extent, how hard a band hits you depends on when you start listening to ‘em. Got it. Having said all that, King Crimson have always sounded like a hippie version of Primus to me. That’s my story; I’m sticking to it. Go, Huskies!

Mark Kozelek- Rock And Roll Singer

The receipt underneath the CD bears the date ‘9-2-01’- I had this one for almost four years without listeneing to it even once. Whoops.

This is one of Kozalek’s covers albums. I never get the jokes that he’s making. Like that cover of ‘Shock Me’ that was on one of the Red House Painters records- I found out some time later that the song was a Kiss cover. I was surprised because I actually thought the song was good. The man puts songs through the Kozalek machine and they become forlorn acoustic jewels, no matter how cheesy the originals were at their inception.

There’s three new songs on here, as well as one John Denver cover, and three of AC/DC. All seven songs sound the same, which, I guess, is a testament to the man and his mad skills. Personally, I totally missed the boat on AC/DC, even though they were a band that a lot of guys at summer camp listened to. (I would have felt like I missed the boat on John Denver, except that I’m friends with Austin Bagley.)

Kraftwerk- Tour De France

Saying that this is the worst Kraftwerk record is like trying to pick out the worst starter on the All-Star team- you can compare stats and run analyses, but why bother? You’re a fan and you already know what you’re getting.


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