Friday, May 20, 2005

K, I

Kid Dynamite- s/t

I tend to be really skeptical of buzz bands, but usually get curious and check ‘em out anyway. Lifetime was such a band (one that I will blather on about in more length in a week or two). I found a used copy and thought it was pretty good, not the godhead that I had been reading about on message boards, but nothing awful, either. In fact, a bunch of local bands that I saw live totally stole Lifetime’s thing, so it was cool that I bought that record- I had a reference point for a lot of the Foxboro scene.

Anyway, Kid Dynamite was the band that formed from the ashes of Lifetime. I remember listening to this a few times and filing it under ‘ex members of’ and putting it back on the shelf, wondering what the hype was all about.

Man, I’m an idiot sometimes.

Kid Dynamite fucking smokes. They get in and out of songs in like a minute and twenty seconds, giving the listeners (the kids!) these really aggressive shout-along choruses, mosh parts, straight up punk parts, a sense of humor, a sense of anger, and enough melodicism to pull punks into their shows who don’t wear studded leather jackets with like Filth and/or Amebix patches on ‘em.

The Kills- Black Rooster

A total departure- Alison was the vocalist of Discount, singin’ these wonderfully jagged gems over an increasingly less poppy punk soundtrack. The band broke up- Ryan was tired of touring, he told me- and then everyone scattered.

Alison turned up in London, met some dude, formed a two person band with him called The Kills. Just a man and a woman in a band, of course, is a huge archetype- thanks to the Royal Trux and the White Stripes (we’ll even give it up for the Captain and Tenelle,) assumptions were made that Alison and Jamie (I mean VV and Hotel) were a) lovers, b) junkies, c) all of the above. (Note that I didn’t say siblings- no one ever REALLY bought that bit, did they?)The lovers thing has been played up in the press, who cite the pair’s tension on the stage and on recordings. I can buy it/ take it or leave it. The coolest thing is that neither of them comment on it, letting their stripped down call and response junk blues warblings speak for themselves- sparse, dingy, laconic arrangements that draw the c/c to the two aforementioned duos- less affected than the Stripes and way less strung out than the Trux. Plus way more British.


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