Monday, April 25, 2005


Isis- Mosquito Control EP

We are terrifying. Our songs are all way too long. We growl a lot. We really, really like Neurosis. We have a ways to go before we kick as much ass as we’d like to. Grrrrrrrr. Aroooooogah.

Isis- Oceanic

When Sandy Koufax broke into the majors, he didn’t really know how to pitch that well- he had a crazy fastball, but little control. The first half of his career was spent trying to throw every pitch through a brick wall, with varying degrees of accuracy. Then someone (can’t remember who) told him that he didn’t have to throw so fast all the time. After that, he chilled out and became, well, Sandy Koufax- the fastball and the devastating twelve-six curve that would freeze you in the box with the bat on yr. shoulder.

I can’t pinpoint an exact date or album for Isis’s transformation. All I know is that the Mosquito Control was a total yawner and at some point afterwards the band figured out that being more moderate in their approach would make them a far more interesting, dynamic and (yes) heavy band. In short, Isis learned how to throw that curveball. Just listen to ‘Weight’ to chart the progression- the song moves in, blocking out the sun as it inches ahead like a glacier. You just know you’re going to be destroyed, but still, there you are, feet frozen in place like a screaming chick in a mummy/zombie movie- powerless, trapped, and watching your doom, which feels different than you ever dared imagine.

In the most literal sense of the word- awesome.


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