Friday, April 08, 2005

H, I

Merle Haggard- Oh Boy Classics Presents

It seemed like a good idea to buy a little Haggard on a cross-country drive some years back. Since the purchase, I’ve put ‘Okie From Muskogee’ on a few mix tapes, played it at parties, and that’s pretty much it. This isn’t too bad at all, pleasant enough honkytonk/country stuff from a man who looks like he makes a minimum of fifty visits before he can sing about any given bar.

Half Cocked- Soundtrack

I still can’t believe it when people talk shit about ‘Half-Cocked.’ The movie is about this bunch of kids that steal a van full of music gear- they decide to pretend to be a band on tour, play shows, etc. even though none of them have even picked up instruments before. With a plot like that, what are you expecting, Hitchcock? It’s a cute little story, with indie film being a perfect vehicle for the tale. Sure, the acting sucks and there’s no real storyline, but come on! The medium is the message, or some such high-falutin’ shit.

Despite the shit talk about the movie, there’s none about the soundtrack. Hell, I totally understand if people think that the movie is a vehicle for the slab, not the other way around- a hell of a who’s who, and the only real duds are from the fictional band that the movie focuses on. The hit, for me, will always be ‘Hey Cops!’ by Crain, a band whom Terry G. and I bumbled into seeing this one summer when we weren’t let into the Unsane show at the Middle East- a shimmering windchime that shatters and sends off shockwaves of snarling hate.

Helium, Versus, Rodan and Unwound round out the ‘bands you know’ category, while Sleepyhead, Big Heifer and Boondoggle occupy the ‘bands you should’ column. Pretty much every available flavor of indie rock circa: ’95, and the best part for you, dear reader, is that no one really gives a shit any more, making this one a cheap find on eBay.

Neil Hamburger- America’s Funnyman

So Neil Hamburger’s thing is that he’s a comedian who isn’t funny. Except that his not being funny is the thing that’s funny about him, so we’re supposed to laugh. Because it’s, you know, meta or whatever. Sometimes I think it would be easiest to not think this shit is funny at all.


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