Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Gay For Johnny Depp- Erotically Charged Dance Songs For The Desperate

Assfactor Five.

Geraldine Fibbers- Butch

I remember seeking this CD out a few years ago- found it on eBay for a couple of bucks. I have no recall of what the impetus behind the whole thing was, though.

This is a weird one. The singer’s voice veers between 70’s album oriented rock and pack-a-day cabaret, with the music keeping up nicely. Retarded square dancers and inbred farmers with a travel radius of fifty miles from the family homestead, trashy stoned dancers with tracers watching the lights go by with heads out the retractable limo roof.

Ghostface Killah- Supreme Clientele

I’ve heard a bunch of solo Wu records, and, for the most part, have been pretty disappointed- sold a bunch back, even. This is one of three in my collection (along with two ODB records, which we’ll get to in a couple of months.) I think that Ghostface Killah is the purest lyrical talent in the band- he manages to wrap his tongue around complex, innovative rhymes that are equally funny and dirty. There’s moments that drag a little bit on this one- register standard complaint (demarcated from here on in by the letters ‘RSC’ for brevity and so that you, dear reader, can feel like all in the know and shit.) Still, though, there’s one song that features a beat that sounds like an engine seizing up- how it was decided that this one horrible noise would be looped over and again on a record is just beyond me. It works, though.


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