Thursday, March 31, 2005

Misc, I

All right. So we're all the way through the letter F- well beyond where I thought I would be at the end of three months.

Since the project started, I've bought a bunch of records. Moat of 'em will be reviewed when their respective turns in the alphabet come up. Others, though, were purchased after their letter went by. I thought I'd take a sec to review 'em before I start the letter G. So...

Alice In Chains- Dirt

Freshman year of college found me in a peculiar situation- I arrived at UNH and found, to my surprise, that women liked me. I was like whoa, you know? The two records that every girl I made out with that year had in her collection were Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ and Alice in Chains’ ‘Dirt.’ File both under ‘memories’ and move on.

Except that I had been hearing Alice In Chains songs on the radio a few months back- I confess to not really listening to ‘em when they were playing in some dorm room close to fifteen years ago. Man, I was missing out. I saw ‘Man In The Box’ on MTV just like everyone else did, and dug Nirvana (and Soundgarden, to a lesser extent) but wasn’t really that big on the grunge thing. Plus, some of the girls I was making out with had big hair- hard to imbue cred in such situations. Ah well.

So yeah, the error of my ways and judgements. Now I wish I had caught ‘em while they were around- intense songwriting that makes me wonder why people were surprised when they found Layne Staley. A giant red flag, a warning.

Can- Tago Mago

My least favorite of my three Krautrock records (Faust, this one and Neu!) Not that it’s bad- I think it’s very cool. Of the three, though, it’s got the most tinges of the sorta hippe/jam-ish stuff that makes me think of like Phish and all the bands that used to come through the Stone Church and fucking patchouli oil and those goddamn tiedyed tapestries and girls wearing skirts over their cords and all this bullshit. Jeez, why am I thinking about college so much today? Who knew that Krautrock would remind me of back in the day? I wonder how much different things would be had I made out to ‘Tago Mago’ instead of ‘Dirt.’

Feast Whisperpants and Penis Tea Flush- ATP 2005

So I got it into my head that I should get a Royal Trux record- hit that point where I heard enough about ‘em so that my curiosity finally took over. They didn’t have any of the older records over at Newbury Comics, so I wandered over to Twisted Village, figuring the nice lady behind the counter would know the score. Once I got into the store, I was simply stunned by what was being played on the stereo, amazed- two guys in various states of alcoholic/chemical intoxication shouting over a boombox playing (what else?) Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive.’ I asked what was playing- and you have to understand that I never ask people at record stores what’s playing, not ever- and the woman gave me the name of the label. I came home and checked the web page- totally tapped, playing these weird ‘boing’ noises that made me wanna shoot myself. Ordering the record would have been from overseas distributors (the label is Belgian.)

I would have forgotten the whole thing had Julie not given me a Twisted Village gift certificate for our anniversary- she told me that she wanted to impress me by getting me a Jandek record, but was afraid she’d pick one I already have (the current count is 27 of the 40, God help me.) So, the gift certificate. I puttered around in the Kruatrock section, settling on the first Neu! album. I was set to pick up one of the spoken word Jandek albums when I saw the CD that had been playing in the store the last time I was in! That was the end of that. I paid, went to work, waited for my shift to be over so I could go home and listen to it.

Upon first listen: “This is the most amazing shit I have ever heard.”
Second: “I’m not sure if I can ever play this record if there’s another human being in the room.”
Third: “Ah, screw it.”

The cover of ‘Alive’ has been canonized after only a week, ‘Yo Wassup I Think We’re Alone Now’ is totally amazing, and talk of a song-for-song response to the record has begun. Find this.

Find it.

Fuck, I’ll copy it for you.


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