Monday, March 28, 2005

F, V


My journalistic integrity intervenes on this one- Ryan and I were in a food service themed band named Fifty Foot Greasetrap for at least three weekends in a row, spending hours in his attic/practice space writing such gems as ‘Six Foot Sandwich Unit’ and ‘Can You Bread 23?’ (a song title, it must be said, that was later used on by Seize Him!) Fifty Foot Greasetrap can’t hold a candle to the Franklins, especially the haze of the drug-soaked later stuff. The stories their kids are going to hear, oh dear…..

Fucking Champs- IV
Fucking Champs- V

Sure, joke bands are smarmy, and we’ve all had enough of irony, chustaches or no. But it’s just as bad to listen to the Fucking Champs’ instru-metal and immediately posit that the band are a bunch of ironic poseurs. Since when has metal automatically =’d irony? I mean, are you LISTENING to this stuff? You think they’d spend so much time writing and recording songs that were nothing but a giant GAG? They’ve got the whole thing down because they were kids once and they were ALL ABOUT THE METAL. And Jesus, none other than DALE MOTHERFUCKIN’ NIXON played on ‘IV.’ How much more cred do you people need?

Mix Tape: C’Mon Smash The Quotile


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Devo complimentarmi con te Mike per questo bellissimo blog! Veramente pieno di informazioni! Forse potrebbe interessarti dare un'occhiata al mio sito che contiene informazioni su scommesse ... se ti interessano scommesse è il sito che fa per te!

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