Thursday, March 24, 2005


Fire Theft- s/t

Bought this one and totally braced myself- after Sunny Day Real Estate got back together, they released ‘How It Feels To Be Something On,’ arguably their highpoint (more on that in a few months,) then followed it with a lackluster live album that smacked of contractual obligation, and ‘The Rising Tide,’ which I listened to a bunch of times and tried to forget about because it sucked so hard. So word filtered down that the Fire Theft was three-quarters of the original Sunny Day- they’re missing Goldsmith, the bearded hippie guitar player who always totally ruled when the band played ‘J’Nuh’ during their live set. I felt the claws of obligation sinking into my mind (and wallet) and grudgingly bought the damn thing. Listened to it a few times, filed it away.

Well, it’s March and I’m up to the letter F. So, I popped in the Fire Theft record, listened to it while I played some FreeCell (my win percentage is at 42% right now- what’s the record? There’s gotta be some FreeCell stat page on the web I can consult to chart my progress. I feel like I’ve been on a tear. Anyway, Computer solitaire is a key to writing record reviews- tune out a little and let the music do its thing while the mind is otherwise engaged.)


No strong feelings either way.

Another listen- nothing.

I seriously can’t remember a single thing to comment on, one way or the other. Which is a plus, I guess, a step ahead- at least the damn thing doesn’t suck so much that I tear it a new one- improvement on ‘Tide.’ It’s been getting some airplay on the big alternative stations, for whatever that’s worth.


“Can anyone answer the problem on the board?”


“What about you, Mr. Samanen?”
“Huh? Wha?”
“The problem on the board?”
“Oh. Uh……”
“You haven’t been paying attention for the past fifteen minutes, have you, Mr. Samanen?”
“No, ma’am.”
“You’ve probably been thinking about your rock band again, haven’t you?”

“I thought so. So you have no idea what’s going on, do you?”
“Let me see. Um…..yeah. Yeah, I got it. Can you pass me the chalk?”

“Thanks. So, you have the equation, here, right, and to find the cubed root you have to multiply times the sine over pi and divide that whole thing by one-third x, here. So……lemme see, carry the one….three-fifths…..eight…..ninety-nine…..okay. So the answer is four.
“That is….correct.”
“But you weren’t paying attention.”
“I was thinking about my rock band. Same thing.”

Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

When I was little, my vision of the future was colored by the Jetsons. I never believed in hover cars or robotic servants (I mercifully avoided being swept up by the racism inherent in the Jetsons- that robot maid was dressed like a slave!) Still, though, I thought that things would probably look and sound a little bit different. It’s eerie that the Lips sound like my four-year-old self’s idea of the future: Lots of velvet and dark colors everywhere like some domestic Willy Wonka, with robots playing Flaming Lips records on lazy Sundays as I sit at the kitchen table with coffee and the box scores. Robotic and goofy enough so that me circa: seventy-seven would totally buy in.


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