Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Faust- IV

Listening to this, my first ever Krautrock record (Can’s ‘Tago Mago’ being the other, both added to the stacks since I started doing my reviews) makes me glad I never got into Stereolab. It’s all about when you get into a band, after all, that decides how big of an impact said band will play on yr. taste/sensibilities. Not a Stereolab slag, don’t get me wrong- that band did some stuff that was similar to Faust except modernized it twenty years after the fact, to great acclaim and success. But it’s the same thing as getting into like Radio 4 and thinking they’re great and revolutionary, etc. and THEN hearing a Gang of Four record and being like ‘Oh, this band influenced Radio 4, huh?’ (I’m going to get myself into trouble- I thought the first Radio 4 record was great. I’ll just stop naming bands.) You know what I’m saying, I bet- as time passes, the stuff on the radio that the kids listen to sounds more and more like the past because the kids are all blank slates and the past is there, waiting to be mined.

What does all of this have to do with Faust? They’re one of those bands that everyone namechecks. The tricky thing with ‘em, like so many bands, is getting into ‘em at the right time. I don’t have anything else in my collection that sounds even remotely like this- it’s not about the songs so much as it is about the textures that are being played, kinda like Lungfish except that whatever vocals Faust adds are just another instrument, as opposed to Higgs singing about like aliens and mountains of teeth or whatever the hell it is that he sings about before the entire audience gets hypnotized and kills. I am intrigued enough by Faust so that I’ll be doing some backtracking and sidestepping to check out the rest of the Krautrck genre at some point.

Firebird Band- The Setting Sun And Its Satellites

You have no idea how much I wanted to bash this one, really. The review was written in my head: “A whole solo album from Chris Broach. You’d expect that he’d go ‘Yeah!’ at least once, but he doesn’t. Not once. I want my fucking money back.”

Thing was that the record’s not bad, despite the absence of any yeahs. A little guitar, a little electro, a lot more range than you’d think. The man’s got a pony that knows at least two or three tricks. Who knew?


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