Monday, March 21, 2005

F, I

Falling Forward- Hand Me Down

One of those bands that sold more t-shirts than records. Hell, it happened to me- kids at shows with Falling Forward tees, every fucking time I went to the Elvis Room or (especially) Safe N’ Sound. Bunches of my emo friends, the reputable ones, telling me that the band (guys who later went on to be in Elliott, for the record) was the jam. All right, then, I thought- I’ll check it out.

Whatever, dude. Some guy sensitively shouting to be heard over music that sounds, alternately, like standard chugga chugga hardcore, ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper,’ or a Mentos commercial. Sometimes all within the confines of the same song. Next.

Faraquet- The View From This Tower

Yes! Mathy and obtuse like Don Cab, right, except unlike Don Cab, these dudes actually know how and when to end a song. Add vocals to the equation (har!) and things get a little bit more structured- the human voice sorta demands a little bit more of a standard pop format for the whole affair. Not to say that this is in any way standard pop- it’s complex as hell, in places. Even though the playing is really sharp and, I imagine, incredibly demanding, there’s not a whole lot of pretense to be found here where there easily could be.

Farewell Bend- In Passing

Here’s me banging my head against the wall for one of the first times since I started this project, getting all tangled in rock critic adjectives, Midwest emo family trees and tear-soaked Kleenex as I try and tell you about how ‘In Passing’ was the soundtrack to my final semester of college in New Hampshire this one winter. Yeah, the songs in the middle drag on so long that I forget where they started, but the number of songs that I regard as pretty damn near perfect keep me from even fast forwarding through those middle bits. I’ll listen to the whole thing and not even mind that things sag because ‘Heads Down’ started things off and ‘Rumors About Lightning’ finish ‘em up. I’m not sure if I could defend the band if I had to- the whole ex-members-of thing was pretty tired by 1998- but the fact remains that the ‘Bend came from two bands that I connected with pretty hard and that this record represents all the fondness of a very particular time and place for me. Plus, it still sounds good on headphones.

MIX TAPE: ‘Heads Down’


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