Tuesday, February 22, 2005


C.R.- Forty Six Songs

There are still times when I walk into the record store and buy stuff based on reviews, ads, repetition- hearing about something enough times so that it gets in my head and I finally break down and check it out. C.R. was a band like that- their name was tossed around a lot in fanzines and I finally broke down and bought the album. I have a few records like this- ultra-fast blasts of punk vitriol- and I just don’t get ‘em. C.R. was supposedly a more ‘posi-‘ band (their name is an acronym for ‘Compassionate Revolution’) but the shit goes by so fast, even with the lyric sheet, that it’s hard to tell. I know that acts of this ilk (Charles Bronson is the big one, I guess) are cool bands to like. I wish I got the whole thing more.

Crimpshrine- The Sound Of A New Tomorrow Being Born

Collected singles and comp tracks. Listening to Crimpshrine was always a twofold proposition- I loved Aaron’s drumming (though, to be fair, Aaron was/is the guy who writes Cometbus- I may have imbued the drumming with a little something extra as a result) and I loved the fact that it sounded like the band was going to fall completely apart at some point during every song. I picked up the guitar and started playing a little in college (to the chagrin of my friends, who I made sit and listen to me in my dorm room,) learned some bar chords and never progressed beyond that plateau. Crimpshrine always filled me with a great sense of hope and potential- “Hey, we can’t really play any better than you, and we certainly can’t sing on key because we drink too much coffee and smoke too many cigarettes, but we play shows and put out records. So can you.” Not only did they manage to cobble together a band, but they wrote scrappy punk songs that somehow managed to transcend the sum of the rickety, duct taped parts to excellence.

MIX TAPE: Butterflies


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