Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A, part 2.

Arcwelder- Xerxes

Tough one to pin down, due at least in part to a lack of gimmick and context. Arcwelder has always been the kind of band that flies under the radar, doin’ their thing with little fanfare. As a result, the kind of journalistic safety net of public opinion is scant. You know, you read a lot of magazines and little bits of criticism seep into your way of thinking and color perceptions. I can’t remember reading a single thing about this band.
I like the record, even though it’s not really that hooky- there’s a few guys who sing (including the guy who sounds kinda like Bob Mould, which discerning readers might think is bullshit on account of the band being from Minneapolis. Really, though, he does) and they’re locked in, tight, varied.

Arsonists- ‘As The World Burns’

There was some initial hype about this record because it was one the first hip hop albums that uber-indie Matador put out.
There are places that sound like they’re trying too hard (like the song where they namecheck as many hip hop artists as they can) and others where the Wu-Tang influence is obvious, even to a neophyte like me.

Atom and His Package- ‘A Society Of People Named Elihu’

I confess that I cringed a little bit at the thought of listening to this one (I cringe even more when I think about the time I went to see Atom play and left before Braid played.) The schtick: one guy and a synth playing a bunch of goofy songs, the Weird Al of punk rock. There’s twenty tracks on this record, way too many, and a lot of them seem to be of the kind that are geared specifically towards one or two people (‘Jenny S.,’ ‘Connor, Welcome’ and ‘Happy Birthday General’ are way too cutesy, but ‘Happy Birthday Ralph,’ a song written for the singer of Franklin, works better because it’s funny. Ralph, for the record, crashed on my friend Bud’s couch recently.) The songs that work, though, really work. ‘Punk Rock Academy,’ ‘Black Metal Friends,’ ‘180 Pounds’ (a song about record buying mistakes, a topic that I am becoming more and more acquainted with every day) and especially ‘Goalie,’ which is about being a fat guy playing hockey (Did anyone else see that recent commercial with a fat guy in goal?)
I’ll get to the Fracture discography at some point in a few months.

“Why do I own Fire Party? The last Dag Nasty CD? The first Snapcase 7”, or anything by FYP? I own SNFU and fucking Pennywise. Oh my god, what’s wrong with me? I’ve got a bad curse that follows me- It makes me purchase the worst records in history.”


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