Monday, January 10, 2005

If A, then B.

Avail- ‘One Wrench’

I have no idea why this record didn’t click with me when I first bought it. Might have been punk oversaturation, the alignment of the particular planets of my living situation, whatever. This sounds like the other four Avail records I own, which is to say that’s effortlessly melodic and anthemic and poppy but scruffy enough for the crusties to dig ‘em. Catchy like scabies. The kind of record that makes me wanna study up and go to their next show secure in the knowledge that I have all the singalong mosh parts down cold.

Badly Drawn Boy- ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’

Leslie gave me this one for my birthday several years ago. I listened to it a few times, then promptly filed it away and forgot about it.
Far less multidimensional than my archaic initial impressions led me to believe. I remembered this record (incorrectly) as being an acoustic type job, all singer-songwriter like Elliott Smith’s first few. It kinda fits into the basic singer/songwriter mold, but there’s a lot of texture added by instruments in the background- the kind of music that would not sound entirely out of place in like a Wes Anderson film or something.


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