Tuesday, January 18, 2005


(An amazingly awful bout of food poisoning/ 24 hour virus kept me away from my desk this weekend, alas.)

Black Eyes- s/t

Dischord never ceases to amaze in their ability to stay ahead of the curve (High Backed Chairs and like Fidelity Jones aside.) Black Eyes take elements of the whole DC sound, for whatever that phrase is worth, and push ‘em ahead a few notches. An obvious reference point for a lot of this stuff is the Dismemberment Plan, except it’s way more raw- takes the (dare I say) punk road instead of following the Plan down the path to Steely Dan bliss. A lot of the guitarwork on this record is textural, all jagged and skronky, a nice compliment to noise generated by the various synths and keyboards. All held together, in proud tradition, by solid, danceable bass with good tone. And what’s up with the backing vocals? Documentation for this band reveals that all five members sing at various points on the album. So who is the crackly, female-sounding high falsetto that provides counterpoint to the ‘main’ vocalist?


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