Thursday, January 27, 2005


Bluetip- Polymer

So I put the record on, right, and within a few notes I totally thought to myself ‘man, this record has got the J. Robbins production!’ Pretty dorky, I know, but it had that distinct recognizable sound. So then I started wondering who did ‘Join Us.’ I took a look at the packaging on that one- J. Robbins. Oops. Interesting to note the progression of a producer, I guess.
Anyway. I expected Polymer to be an amazing album- the songs that hit me on ‘Join Us,’ as previously mentioned, really hit me, and the ones that didn’t were still okay. I think I listened to this one like ten times and nothing ever stuck. Teflon is a polymer, right?

Bluetip- Post Mortem Anthem

Odds and ends, hit or miss.
Might as well take a little space here to give some ups to Jason Farrell for graphic design and execution- Bluetip’s albums (and maybe Retisonic’s; I don’t know) were always a joy to behold because of their layouts. The packaging for ‘Polymer,’ f’r example, is die-cut so that the viewer can see half of the CD through a little 2-inch high window in the back of the jewelbox. The window continues on to the front of the CD- when the booklet is opened up, the little semi-circular divot in the left-center of the record becomes a full circle that the insert’s text revolves around. Awesome! ‘Post-Mortem’ isn’t anywhere near as ornate, but still rules- each song contained therein is accompanied by a little essay explaining what was going on with the band when each song was recoded- circumstances, personnel changes, anecdotes, etc.

Bob Tilton- Crescent

A bunch of British kids trying to do emo circa ’97- letter perfect aesthetic (cryptic, grainy images of like railroad tracks and snow-covered fields, Courier font and cursive handwriting) and lyrics (ruined relationships, the pain of seasons changing, etc. etc.) By the time I got this record (for two dollars in a bargain bin, I might add,) it was the twenty-first century and I had long since gotten my fill of this stuff. Next.


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