Thursday, January 13, 2005


Big Star- ‘#1 Record/Radio City’

The ‘Memento’ of pop. Seriously, I’ve listened to this album probably like thirty-five times, right, and while the damn thing’s playing, the slick radio songs sound SO good (the ballads can be a little eehhhh.) Then the next song starts and I have absolutely zero memory of the last one that was played. I’m sitting here trying to remember how any of ‘em go, and all I can remember is the one where Alex Chilton goes ‘I’m a Big Star.’ Which, I suppose, is why I like the Blues Explosion so much.
Is the complete forgettability of the Big Star songs a negative? Hell no! It’s a giant compliment- the epitome of disposable, sweet pop. Just don’t ask me to sing any of ‘em.


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